Interior Concept – 03

A Bright, architecturally interesting space with lots of natural light and a modern design. 

From Convair
Circular Sectional Sofa

From Bazar
Berlin Chandelier

From Loft & Aria
Alderan Candles
Branwyn Kentia Palm Planter

From Fancy Decor
The Jones Gacha Tray
Books & Bookends
Wood Magazine Holder
Potted Succulent
Thulden vases
Triangle Print 2
Wood Wall Art

From KraftWork
Helder Modern Arm Chair

From keke
Seven Secrets Books
Nirvana Cards
Turntable 3500

From Kunst
Cell Planter From Gacha

From Vespertine
Spider Plant

From Dust Bunny
Mostera Leaves

From Onsu
Ash Sky-box

From What Next
Oasis Bloom Succulent Planter

Julia Console

From Kuro
Round Rug

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