Interior Concept – 01

A coffee driven fusion of warm/cool & modern/contemporary.

From Fancy Decor

The Jones Gacha Coffee Table

The Jones Gacha Aloe Plant

The Jones Gacha Stacked Books A

The Jones Gacha Pillow A

The Jones Gacha Side Table

The Tartt Mirror

From Mudhoney

The Liza Chair

The Wren Sofa With Pillows

From The Loft & Aria

The Hamil Console

The Hamil Bowls

The Juniper Clear Lamp

The Callisto Potted Calathe Orbifolia

The Hamil Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig

Set of Wall Art

The Troubadour Candles

From Soy

The Super long Hanging Hedera

The Super long potted cactus

From Lisp

The Jasmine Silk Rug in Burnt Orange

From Elev8

The MOD Chandelier

From Half Deer

Metallic Bracket Shelves

Book Clutter shown on shelves

From KraftWork

The Pied-a-Tere Sky-box

From Apple Fall

The Nectarine Basket

The Magnolia Spray Vase

From Varonis

Chronos Cafe latte

Chronos Steel Vase

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