Exterior Concept – 18

I have recently had the pleasure of joining the FaMESHed family so I am very excited to be able to dive in a little early for this up coming round, starting May 1st. This is a big round for FaMESHed as it marks the 7th anniversary of the event. A lot of hard work and dedication goes in to creating a successful event and these guys have been rocking steady and bringing high quality, original items to Second Life for a long time. Congratulations and Happy Birthday FaMESHed. Cheers to many more years!

I am showcasing the “My Sunshine” lounger from peaches in this scene. Adult and PG options available with numerous animations to choose from. Texture change via menu for the upholstery, pillow, throw and wood give multiple options that allow you to customize to your needs. The parasol is available in two color versions as well. Peaches has generously gifted the wonderful Sunshine Daiquiri at the event so don’t forget to grab that while you’re there. This is a great set and will make a fantastic addition to your summer inventory.

Peaches For FaMESHed NEW ROUND MAY 1st.| My Sunshine Lounge | My Sunshine Beach Daiquiri | My Sunshine Beach Parasol – Drift Wood

Apple Fall | Quasi Nimes Pool | Cockatiel Cushion | Cliffside Original Artwork | Satin Peacock Cushion

Fancy Decor | Ruben Potted Plant

Dust Bunny | Dreamy Outing Net Candle | Woodland Dreams Carved Table

Soy | Voluminous Potted Ferns

Heart | Virginia Creeper

Merak | Decorative Candles

Hive | Potted Plants – Swiss Cheese Plant

Ariskea | Macrame Rug

Artisan Fantasy | Conquistador Bath Potted Succulents

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