6 Republic & FaMESHed Feature

I don’t have a lot of time this morning to put much thought in to a write up so I wanted to share with you guys, one of my favorite quotes. Enjoy your week everyone!

“Learn to recognize the false dawn from the true; distinguish the color of the wine from the color of the cup. Then it may be that patience and time may produce, out of the spectrum-viewing sight, true vision, and you will behold colors other than these mortal hues, you will see pearls instead of stones. Pearls, did I say? Nay more, you will become a sea, you will become a sun traveling the sky.”– Jalal Al-Din Rumi

The Loft & Aria For FaMESHed | Romilly Print | Romilly Potted fiddle Leaf Fig | Romilly Rug

Lucas Lameth for FaMESHed | Lipstick Hanging Plant in Coco Husk

Madras for 6 Republic | Vintage Slide Door Table | Wrought Plate Decor Set | Gold Flower Decor

Eleventh Hour For 6 Republic | Nook Light

booN for 6 Republic | ura Funagata Jizou 01

Echo For 6 Republic | Avery – Couch | Avery Entry Way Table | Avery SIde Table | Avery Potion Planter | Avery Tri Pots | Avery Aloe

Fancy Decor | Minimal Concrete Table

Soy | Stick Incense

Dust Bunny | Wanderlust Incense

Ionic | Minimal Needs House RARE

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